This Price includes a consultation, first session and 4-6 week touch up plus healing cream. During the procedure, I will start off by creating a signature brow shape and choose a natural hair stroke to match you unique features and preferences. Once we have achieved our shape I will numb the eyebrow area with ZENSA topical anesthetic cream. During this time I will go through the colour chart and choose the best pigment colour for your skin type using Pigment Collection by Tina Davies. Then, I use a precise, manual needle to insert pigment into the first layer of skin. The result is a natural beautiful brow, just wake up and go!

  • Category: Brow Services
  • Duration: 02:45 Hours
  • Address: 16 Matthewson Pl, Brooklin, Whitby, ON, Canada (Map)

Price:C$400 C$350

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I offer HDi Brow microblading it is the most natural looking enhancement that can be done for your brows. This is a less invasive version of permanent make-up, and better. HDi brow is a method that is ideal for anyone wanting to enhance the look of their eyebrows

Also I Only use Pigment Collection by Tina Davies